Cabinet Refinishing

If you want a change in your current kitchen, but are not interested in buying all new cabinets & doors, you have the option of refinishing the cabinets instead. Typical cabinet refinishes include painting doors & cabinetry, or refacing the cabinets with new doors. If you like the look / style of your cabinet doors, but want a colour change, repainting is the way to go. If you want a different style of door to modernize your decor, refacing is the way to go.

Many of our customers just want to add a pantry, coffee bar or island to an existing kitchen. In this case, we match the door style of the new cabinets to your existing kitchen, and paint match the new cabinetry.

Cabinet Repainting

The quality of any cabinet paint job lies in the prep work.

Our process uses industry standard practices including stripping of contaminants (oil, dirt, grease), sanding / patching the cabinet doors, priming with a pro quality sealer, and sprayer painting the doors using fine finish work paint sprayer equipment, using a pro grade waterborne lacquer to give a smooth finish in whatever colour you want.

Cabinet Refacing

Some kitchens need more than paint on the cabinets to modernize the look. Refacing will give you a completely new look in your kitchen with the door style, hardware and colour all changing. We have catalogues with hundreds of door style and colour combinations to give you the look you’re going for.

If you are considering a repaint, reface or cabinet refinish in you’re future, contact us for a free appointment to review your options.