The countertop is essentially the work space of the kitchen.  Whether you are looking for a subtle classic look, a light/dark contrast, or an exotic look, there are literally hundreds of choices to fit the style of your kitchen and your budget.

Granite countertops are actually natural stone, which is mined in various places all over the world.  Large blocks of granite are removed from the quarry, and shipped to fabricators who cut the large cube block into thin slices that are then polished to a glossy finish.  Granite comes in a wide variety of colours, and some pieces contain mineral or metal flecks that add to the unique characteristics of the stone’s “movement”.  Being a natural stone, granite is porous and therefore needs to be sealed periodically to prevent staining.  We carry many samples of granite countertops.

Quartz is a product engineered from natural stone and mineral components that is sealed together with a resin.  It contains natural elements, but the manufacturer has greater control in creating a consistent colour and movement.  Since quartz is permanently sealed during the manufacturing process, there is little maintenance required with quartz, and it is heat and stain resistant.  We carry Caesarstone quartz countertops and Cambria quartz countertops.

Contact us to review which product is right for your needs.  We would be happy to review recommended selections that will meet your budget and match the design and style of your kitchen.