Kitchen Design

The kitchen needs to be designed to balance the style and finishes you need, with how your family uses it.  It needs to be designed to be both beautiful and functional.

This is what a kitchen designer does.  Big box stores sell cabinets with a floor plan.  Little thought has been put into how you and your family actually cook it in, or use it to entertain.  An experienced designer will recommend a design that will meet your style wants and maintain functionality and work-ability.

Our design process is simple.  We review your kitchen space, discuss your budget, your needs, and the designer will ask questions to find out more how you cook and how your family uses the kitchen.  Our designer will draft a design using software to give a 3D rendering of the proposed design – all down to the countertop and backsplash tile, so you can actually visualize what the finished kitchen will look like.

Kitchen Design Options
  1. Paint – our lowest cost solution to your kitchen makeover involves repainting your existing cabinets and doors, and maybe changing out the door hardware: handles, knobs or pulls to give your kitchen a refresh.  For an even more striking makeover, consider upgrading your countertop.
  2. Upgrade – our mid range cost solution involves keeping your existing cabinet boxes and drawer boxes, but changing out the doors and drawer faces to a new style and colour.  The doors and drawer faces will be installed on your existing cabinets, and with some updated hardware your kitchen can have a very modern upgrade without the cost of installing an entirely new kitchen.  This is a great time to upgrade your countertop.  We can also upgrade the doors in your kitchen, but add a new pantry or island that matches your existing kitchen to give you greater functionality.  We also carry a wide variety of custom door styles and colours for an Ikea kitchen.
  3. New Kitchen – this option will add the greatest style and functionality difference to your home, and it is also the most expensive option.  This involves taking out your existing kitchen cabinets and countertops, and depending on the design, walls can be opened up to physically enlarge your kitchen.  By changing the layout, adding more drawers, an island, pantry, wall ovens, stylish range hood, or wine racks, your dream kitchen will come to life.

Contact us to review your budget and discuss which kitchen upgrade options will work best for you! Your dream kitchen upgrade is only a call away.